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First Look – DC Action League Series 3

We make a break from the MOTU-verse to bring you a more DC Comics-flavor sampling – mini style! Yep, Mattel is continuing their line of stylized mini figures with this third series of the Action League. Like the two assortments that came before, this one has a wide selection of different corners of the DC, while still riding high on the Green Lantern wave that is about to bust right open.

I have to admit that I am a sucker for these little guys, especially since the line expanded from the Brave and the Bold-verse (LOVE that show) into the entire DC pantheon. It really gives us an opportunity to dig deep because you can make just about any character appealing to kids and collectors alike in this style. Like before, there are four different two-packs containing a logical pair-up or versus match. I think this is by far the best overall assortment that they have put out so far as the size and shape of the characters is all over the map. Plus we get Deathstroke Heck. Yes.

BlueGreen Lantern Hal Jordan and Saint Walker

Saint Walker and Blue-Green Hal

Of all of the new lanterns that have been introduced in the recent DC timeline, I have to say that Saint Walker, along with Larfleeze, is one of my favorites. Love the concept of the Blue Lanterns and the character design. He has yet to make into the DCUC line (something I hope changes soon) but if he isn’t adorable here. What is really amazing is the perfect tampo print on his ring, that is teeny tiny!

Blue Ring of Hope

He comes paired up with Hal Jordan in a half-charge of blue and green. This figure itself is a re-deco of the previously released Hal Jordan figure, but the new paint scheme is really eye-catching. He gets a green “glove” construct this time around and you can have Walker and Kilowog fight over him tug-o-war style.

The is Hal Jordan, You Might Have Heard of Him

Two Hals? I Know, Right!?

Kilowog Versus Zilius Zox

Kilowog and Zilius Zox

Speaking of Kilowog, it is hard to make this character uncool in an action figure line and he does not disappoint here. He is the biggest AL figure I currently own (though I must admit I have not found series 2 yet) and his character is captured perfectly. I think he is a great choice for the assortment since it does have some GL leanings and even though he has always been one of the most popular Lanterns, I have a feeling he is about to get a lot more popular, especially amongst the little folks.

He comes packaged with his own personal Red Lantern basketball, Zilius Zox. This little stinker is the same species as long-time GL Galius Zed, only a lot meaner. I LOVE this little figure. He cracks me up on all levels. There is something about his size, shape and expression that really appeals to me and I think he is going to have to go on my desk because he is fun to play with.

The Wog vs The Zox

Superman and Wonder Woman

Wondy and Supes

Superman is a straight up re-release of the series one figure, so if you have that, you know what you are getting. Even though the figure cannot stand without the help of the little clear stand, I still like the sculpt quite a bit. It really captures the air of Superman if he was two inches tall and super-deformed.

Even if you don’t like buying doubles, he is worth it for the Wonder Woman that has joined him. I am normally underwhelmed by female mini figures like this because they are usually not very good. Wonder Woman is a major exception though, they really did a convincing job making her little and cute while keeping her feminine. On top of that, she is one of the toughest looking figures of the line so far. Action League is serious business. I am very excited for more girls in this line now as WW has convinced me that they can be done right.

Batman Versus Deathstroke

Deathstroke vs Batman!

Gotta have Batman, right? Well 90s kids you are in luck – your all black Bats comes to you in a repaint of the series two Batman. I am normally not a huge fan of this costume but with the different paints used here, he turned out nicely. He is my only AL Batman right now so he does make for a nice representation.

He is completely out-shined by his blister mate though, my favorite AL figure so far (and I own the unreleased figure of Ted Kord, my favorite character), Deathstoke. He is so rad. I love that that perfect fighting machine somehow gets cooler in this cute little form and he is a lot of fun too. I kinda wish his weapons were removable, but that is not gonna kill my buzz for him. He has metallic paint on the mail portion of his costume, which is a very nice touch.

90% Brain vs Bat Brain

Overall, this series makes Action League feel like it’s really starting to ramp up. It is a really fun and affordable line to collect so I really hope Mattel continues on with it and really mines some of the depths of the DCU. Can you imagine the New Gods in AL form? Eep!

We've seen similar before, and it did not go well for the JLA
Intergalactic Punching Bag
The Blue Crew

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