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Ask Matty – 3/16/11

It’s that time again, lets get right to it!

1. Matty, in the last round of questions you said that, with the inclusion of the new She-Ra, we will now see 5 females in the MOTUC line in 2011. We know that Catra is a monthly figure and that Battle Ground Teela is Quarterly figure, are both remaining females Monthly figures? Are either of them?

You will just need to wait and see!

2. Toy Guru, who is your number one most wanted female character for the DCUC line that has not been produced yet? What about some of the other people that work on the line? What ladies are popular in the Mattel offices?

We really want to get to Fire and Ice to get some more JLU characters out there. I’d also say Poison Ivy and Granny Goodness come up a lot in internal discussions.

From Toyguru:

“Personally, I really want to get to Modern Hawkgirl (even though she is dead now in the comics….). I just really like that look. Rita is also needed for the Doom Patrol real bad!

3. So far we know four out of the six Club Ecto-1 figures for 2011 so there are two slots left, any chance that we might see our first female Ghostbusters figure in one of the remaining slots? The characters of Dana/Zuul and Jenine are starting to become painfully absent.

We can confirm there is not a female slotted for 2011. But we are looking into one for 2012 if the cards line up.

4. Matty! Since Toy Fair was last month and SDCC is a ways off, we have several months to speculate about the MOTUC figures slotted for September to December 2011. Can you give us a hint about the “factions” that might be represented during that stretch of time? We know NA is one, how about the rest?

At least one more slot in the end of the year will be a Master.

5. It is easy to see that the next two DCUC series (17 and 18) have a common “theme” for the most part (Rainbow Lanterns and Super Friends respectively); can we expect a return to a more “balanced” assortment scheme starting with series 19? It was nice when the waves has a little “something for everyone” in them.

Some more balance will be restored when we get to Wave 20. 19 will still have a bit of a theme to it (though not as much as Wave 17 which went 100% and fans didn’t see to care for that as much).

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