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DC Action League Pictures


Wave 1 Action League

When the Action League figures were announced at SDCC this year, I can’t say I was terribly excited.  I thought they looked neat, but didn’t think I would buy.  Perhaps my interest was tempered by the fact that this reminded me of the cancellation of Batman: The Brave and the Bold Cartoon.  At any rate, all that went out the window when I saw these things on the pegs in target.  Click through for some more pics!

Green Lantern Hal Jordan V White Lantern Sinestro

Gah! Yellow!

I love Hal’s cute little arrogant expression.  The gloss black on the costume is an interesting touch.  All the figures have four points of articulation (shoulders, neck and waist).

Making Intergalactic Fascism cute!

It’s interesting to see them release the White Lantern costume of Sinestro first, but Sinny here looks appropriately arrogant.  In a cute way.

Flash V Captain Boomerang

Fastest Superdeformed Man Alive

The minimal articulation allows you to get Flash in a couple decent running poses (all cute) and the stand holds him perfectly.  I could see kids losing these stands very easily.  My kids had them for one day and almost lost them twice!

G'day, I'm a walking talking super deformed stereotype!

It’s nice to see a Captain Boomerang figure out there and I can’t wait to see him in DCUC.

My son's favorite of the bunch.

Superman is also on a flight stand and the minimal articulation allows for the traditional flight pose or a nice flying punch.  I find it funny (though oddly appropriate) that they painted his hair gloss black.  Time to cut back on the product, Clark!

Me no am cute!

Bizarro has this goofy grin made all the more charming by the inclusion of some massive, off-center yellow teeth.  The rock accessory is removeable.

Deathstorm V Firestorm


Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

These two have a nice mirror image thing going on here!  Deathstorm’s (wow, is that a metal band or a super villain?) translucent blue flame hair looks really nice and it’s interesting to see such a brand new character get a figure so quickly.

This kind of figure is not usually my cup of tea.  In fact, despite my love of the show, I have yet to pick up the Brave and the Bold Action League figures.  These called to me, however.  I like the simplistic cartoony interpretations of these characters and I could see collecting the whole universe in this style.  When I got them home, the best thing about them is my two kids ate them up.  Not literally, we three had a great time playing superheros and my son wouldn’t let go of Superman all day!  That alone has me interested in picking up any more of these they put out.