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Ask Matty – 12/1/10

A day early, and five more answers to your queries. Take it away, Matty!

1. The bubble stickers that you have used for The Horde, Powers of Grayskull, Evil Mutants and Princess of Power are very eye-catching. Any chance you will create some logos for the Heroic and Evil Warriors too? I would love to see some official symbols for all of the factions.

We purposely did not want to overkill on the team stickers. We do have a sticker planned for the Snake Men and Galactic Protectors, but that is as far as we want to take it for now so it’s in line with how the vintage line worked. Once you start stickering every figure the idea loses the charm!

2. Given the positive response to the larger CNC figures, have you considered trying to market an even bigger scaled figure, much like another company has done with a certain 19″ Planet devouring giant?

We do have some plans for larger-sized figures that go beyond Collect and Connect. That is in part why we created Mattycollector.com – to create an avenue for special one-off items. Stay tuned!

3. While we know that there are not any future Weapons Paks to announce at the moment, is it a priority for you to bring matching shields and axes for all of the colors of power swords to market? Wun-Dar and Prince Adam are feeling left out!

This would certainly be a good addition to future Weapons Paks, but nothing to confirm right now. Great suggestion!

4. At SDCC the DCUC 16 Mercury, Robin and Creeper ALL had double elbow and knee joints. Since some of the GLC1 figures did not retain all of their articulation can you confirm if these figures will be produced as shown – with both double elbow and double knees?

Yes, these figures will have double knee joints!

5. Matty! Did you catch the glory of the classic Freedom Fighters on Brave and Bold this past weekend? It was amazing! You know what would be more amazing? DCUC figures of all of them – Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Dollman and the Human Bomb! We are sorely lacking in the FF-verse – when are we gonna get that kick-started?

Toy Guru jumping in:

“Yes! I watch Brave and the Bold every week and that was just too cool! First we got the Doom Patrol, now the Freedom Fighters! This show is digging deep and we would love to get to some of these guys in our DCUC line in time. Uncle Sam just so needs a figure!”

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