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First Look – DC Universe Classics Jemm

Whew, we have been running two-a-days this week with our DCUC First Looks so that means Wednesday won’t be complete without the second half of our previews. Filling the role tonight is the resident Son of Saturn, Jemm. Ahead lies pictures and words about the character and figure but I promise you that there will NOT be any references to just how truly outrageous he is. That is played out, yo.

Throughout the course of this now fairly extensive line, Mattel has often paired some of the heavy-hitting characters in a wave with a complimentary villain or ally. Batman had Penguin, Aquaman had his Black Manta and Flash had Captain Cold, just to name a few. However, when we were getting to the final piece of the JLA Big Seven puzzle, Martian Manhunter would be left for a pairing. While I probably would not have thought of Jemm on the top of my J’onn list, he would be up there, and in the end, it makes perfect sense.

What is also great is that Jemm is kind of a “who whoulda thunk it?” figure; he’s one of those characters that really adds a lot of depth to the collection and his look is very, very unique. Series 15 has a real alien/cosmic feel to it, so Jemm is a good fit there too.

Jemm Close Up

Jemm is a nice mixture of existing and new parts. He has the standard larger body DCUC torso, but he has appropriate elongated arms and legs. This serves a couple of purposes: first, he is really tall, which is necessary for the character. In fact, he is even taller than the previously featured Martian Manhunter. But beyond the height itself, the legs and arms make him feel very stetch and he has real “alien” feel to him. I love the proportions of this figure and he is very unique in stature and shape to everyone else on the DCUC shelf. His fingers are creepy cool too, I can picture a stream of funny photos with Jemm taunting the ladies of the DCU. Also, he has a very noble and stoic head sculpt that is calm and contemplative, which is a strange feel when you stand it up against his rather garish colors. It is a neat effect, intentional or not.

J'onn and Jemm. Sounds like a morning radio show.
THESE are spirit fingers!

In additions to his cool sculpt, Jemm also has very eye-catching colors from his deep red flesh to his costume in various shades of blue. I am a sucker for unique colors on the toy shelf and we have been seeing a lot of them lately and that just makes the display more dynamic. the light blue of the cape is certainly new and pulls out some of the airbrushed detail on the red musculature.

Jemm and Accessories
Ted is getting a complex

It is unfortunate that, perhaps due to his relative lack of recent comic visibility, that Jemm might be an initial afterthought in this wave. However, I think that when people start to get this figure, a lot interesting takes and opinions will likely be given. I think he is a very cool and unique figure, and I love getting those “universe builders” in this wave, it makes the collection so much richer. Check out Jemm when you can, I think you will really dig him. Or, as always, you will have to get him to build your Validus.

*That is it for today, but rest assure, we will be back with more First Looks tomorrow. Again, thanks to Toy Guru for making this Look possible!

Get my ass back to Saturn!

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