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First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Optikk

Well, I know today was supposed to be Evil-Lyn day, and I am sure she would be full of rage and jealousy if she saw this, but a one-eyed space freak is going to try to steal some of her thunder. Ladies and gentlemen, at long last we have our first New Adventures Masters of the Universe Classics figures in Optikk.

Optikk's Bio

This humble space mutant will share the selling page with the gigantic Tytus in the middle of May, but right now, the spotlight is all on him. Like I said, Optikk represents the first endeavor into the last effort to save He-Man in the 1980s. I will admit, I never got into New Adventures. Never had any of the toys or even watched the show as a kid (I had moved onto Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by the time NA was showing) and the only real memory I have of it was seeing some of the toys at a local Children’s Palace and being pretty confused. What was with Skeletor? Where the heck was my beloved Mer-Man. Kalamarr? Sounds like an appetizer my grandma would make. But I digress; MOTUC was really going to be my first foray into New Adventures and really, since I am very familiar with 99% of all of the other MOTU/POP facets, it represents ah, ahem, adventure for me. Which is really cool, I have enjoyed how all of these sections are being integrated together.

I have learned a lot about the Galactic Guardians and Space Mutants in the past year or so gearing up the eventual release of the first NA figure. When Optikk was announced, I was quite pleased. While there are several NA figures with cool designs (mostly the bad guys), Optikk and Slush Head have been my two most wanted (and if the Trade Mark hints are any indication, Slushy just might be next).

Believe it or not, Optikk utilizes a lot of reuse, probably more than you would expect at first. For the most part, he is Kronis – arms, chest and legs. He has a brand new “armor” piece that is quite impressive from a design/scupt standpoint (it is removable). Leave it to the Horsemen, they even sculpted the dial on his back from the old figure (just for show on this version). In lieu of the furry shorts, Optikk has a more modern, um brief(?) that will work perfectly for a certain as-yet-unproduced hero with many faces. Again, this is sculpted really well and fits so that it is not bulky (like Adora) so I hope that for any short/skirt/pant pieces they follow this pattern.

The Eyes Have It

Of course, he has his two different colored eyes – green from the vintage figure and orange from the cross-sell art. I am not sure which one I prefer at this point, I thought green would be the easy choice prior to having him in hand, but now, I am not quite sure. Hmm… the tough choices.

Armor Close Up
Armor Back with Dial-an-Eye
Armor Back with Dial-an-Eye

Removable Armor
Neck Cavity
Nekkid Optikk

The really striking feature about Optikk though (aside from his very unique look) is that he is a massive beast of a figure. I mean, he is HEAVY. The armor pieces give him a lot of bulk so, even though he has the major disadvantage of having a weak spot of a giant eyeball on the top of his head, he can at least, ahem, look down on most of the other figures in this line so far.

Space Laser!
Weapons of a Eyeball-Headed Mutant

Like I said before, I like the direction of how the NA characters are being integrated into the Classics, it is currently leaving me with more questions than answers, but I am sure a lot of that will be sewn up over time. Optikk’s weapons are cool looking and very well made, but they kind of stand out from the rest of the the current figures. Again, over time, I am positive it will all come together.

Optikk and Kronis

Optikk is a really fun foray into the New Adventures and I am excited for where this little section of Classics might go – I am along for the ride and it is nice to have something all new to enjoy. I think we can look forward to a couple of these characters each year (we are already planned through 2016 after all!), so I say bring them on. Blinkky here will certainly add a lot of variety to your shelf and when we all have gigantic MOTUC collections, the NA section will be a fun corner.

Private Eyes are watching you. They see your every move.

So, log onto Matty Collector on May 17th to try your luck to get an Optikk (if you don’t have a subscription), like I said, Tytus will be joining him and we will take a look at the latter as soon as we have one to share. Thanks so much for reading and keep checking back this week. We are going to go from one-eyed space freaks to weasely EPA Administrators. Hint, hint.

We've got green eyes, we've got orange eyes, we've got gray eyes...

*Thanks so much to Toy Guru and Matty for making this Look Possible, we really appreciate it!

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13 thoughts on “First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Optikk

  1. clark, that was some funny a++ s#/+!!!
    just got optikk ordered today on ebay myself. tried the matty site, but as you could guess, he was gone PDFQ!

  2. It looks awesome ( no pun intended) but I am wondering is Optikk a Matty Exclusive only? or is this figure somehow available at retail? I hardly see any figures for MOTUC here in Toronto ( depending on where I look) I am interested in this figure even though I don’t even collect MOTUC in general…

  3. Great review, I’m looking forward to trying to log onto matty to buy him next month, and then sit there with a white screen for five minutes, then get to the check out screen, then have it not go through because it is now 12:06 and he is sold out, then jump over to ebay real fast to see if I can get one for a decent price, then forgetting about it all together and decide to live vicariously through the photos on this review.

  4. Another GREAT review, as usual. Funny shots, especially the last one! Wish he was bronze, to match his old toy and for overall variety, but still a miraculously amazing rendition by the Four Horsemen.

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