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First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Adora

Okay, so I lied. Kinda. I know I told you that the DC Super Friends Robin figure was the last in our latest round of First Looks. Well, here we are now. To be fair, this lady of Etheria and another figure to be named later did show up today thanks to a rush shipping job by Toy Guru and his Girl Friday Rhobyn so technically I was telling the truth then, but it is very cool that I have been proven wrong so quickly. So, just four days before the former Horde Force Captain goes on sale at Matty Collector, we are now able to bring you our look at Adora.

Now, Adora is our first foray into the world of Princess of Power (as you can tell by the big sticker on her card bubble) and she has been a hot topic of conversation since the San Diego Comic Con. She is the first figure in the second year of the Club Eternia program and, like I said before, she leads off the Princess of Power characters. Now, I for one say bring them on, I cannot wait for the likes of Frosta, Catra and Mermista, but some people needed convincing for these characters and many others were a bit surprised that Adora was featured before her alter-ego She-Ra. Personally, I think it is a great choice as Adora is very interesting character (former bad girl to a leader in the Great Rebellion) and she has a lot to offer to her cause, somewhat in contrast to her brother Adam when he is not running around as He-Man.

Adora's Biography (one of my favorites so far)

Then, when we got the first packaged pictures of Adora on Matty’s Face Book page, her face did not catch the fancy of a lot of collectors, she had apparently changed quite a bit from original Horsemen sculpt to plastic. Well, I am here to tell you the final figure turned out to be quite lovely and the sculpt and paint on the face is really, really nice. I especially like the shape of her eyes and the subtle touches of purple highlighting them. Also, her eyes are focused front so they bring a lot of personality to the sculpt. Her hair is quite nice too and it is made of a very pliable, rubber-like material, there is just a lot of it so it doesn’t flex too much but it is a very nice direction for future females.

I am ADORA, He-Man's twin sister and defender of the Crystal Castle...

Her body is mostly Teela’s with new parts added where needed. She is dressed in her standard Horde cum Rebellion outfit and I like the somewhat muted red they used for it. Her “skirt” piece is the same shape it has always been and I think most people are at the place already where they like it, hate it or tolerate it. I was not a huge fan of it at first and while I think the body was designed to make the best Teela figure ever, the hip articulation makes it so that front piece of the costume has to be shaped to hide the joint cuts. I think there is still potential for the Horsemen to reshape the “bodysuit” look for future figures, but now that I have Adora in hand, the skirt piece doesn’t really bother me. Up close it still looks a little big and bulky, but take a couple steps back and it looks much more nature. Really, try it when you get her, you will see. The best part about the skirt piece is that it is made of a very flexible plastic (a HUGE improvement over Teela) and Adora can sit down. I hope Mattel keeps this up for ALL Masters characters, the soft plastic adds so much to the posing possibilities. Oh, she also has he loose fitting holster belt where she can store her Horde-issued blaster; it is a separate piece that can be repositioned to your liking.

The most powerful twins in the universe!
Force Captain Adora

Finally, there are her two accessories – her Force Captain blaster and the ever-so-important Sword of Protection. The blaster will be well received if you plan on displaying Adora alongside Hordak and the sword is more for her rebellious days. I know people have commented about how the sword is rather plain (aside from the big honking jewel in the middle of it), but it works fine and looks just like it should – a compliment to He-Man’s blade. Perhaps Mattel will recolor the sword when She-Ra ships but as far as I am concerned – this IS the Sword of Protection, it is very nice to have it after all these years.

Adora's skirt is made of a soft plastic so she can sit
The girls of Etheria and Eternia
Adora Head swap

So there she is in all of her glory and I am happy to say that is certainly an instance where the final product turned out MUCH nicer that early peeks seemed to indicate. Hopefully this with charge a lot of people and we can have more interest in the Princess of Power characters. I know I am a strong advocate for them, but I hope Adora will win a lot of people over. They are an essential part of the Masters mythos and, as I said before, I cannot to see the Horsemen’s take on the likes of Frosta, Catra, Glimmer and Mermista. Bring them on! We know She-Ra is coming but hopefully we can start looking forward to three or four PoP characters a year.

Adora's Blaster
Sword of Protection
For the Honor of Grayskull!

If you are a Club Eternia member Adora will ship out to you automatically starting on Friday. If not, be sure to be on Matty Collector right at noon EST so you can pick her up, you won’t regret it. I think for now, she can stand in front of the Crystal Castle, but when She-Ra comes out, I think I will put Adora with Hordak. Love those bad girls!

Defender of the Crystal Castle

*Thanks for checking this out and many, many thanks to Toy Guru for getting her over to us ASAP. Remember, she was not alone in that box, so stay tuned for what is coming up soon…

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