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CC24: Gaslight Legion of Doom by Sillof

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Coming this Spring is the follow-up line to Sillof’s Gaslight Justice League, the Gaslight Legion of Doom. Sillof is now putting his unique antiquated Victorian spin on famous comic book villains. Inspired by the comic book, Gotham by Gaslight by Mike Mignola and Brian Augustyn. Set in the 1880’s, Batman attempts to stop Jack the Ripper, who has come to Gotham. The figures have darker look and are a great blend of the Victorian aesthetic and the feel of the original characters.



The nightmarish doppleganger of the London’s greatest hero, Superman. Bizarro looks very similar to the Gaslight Superman figure, with a darker color scheme and reversed elements.

Captain Cold


Captain Cold’s new look truly embodies his name. He has a slightly militaristic feel with an artic expedition look. The winter gear allows him to have prolonged exposure to the frigid onslaught he delivers with his refrigeration generator and cannon.

Gorilla Grodd


The genius intellect of the super villain known as Grodd is matched only by his dominating size. The figure comes equipped with goggles, gadgets and Victorian vest. The mechanical arm hints at his advanced scientific abilities.


The Joker


The king clown of crime has the look of a court jester. His classic face has replaced with the vacant stare of a comedy mask and a jester hat. The color scheme is reminiscent of the purple suit.

Black Manta


The arch nemesis of Aquaman has the look of an old dive suit. The color scheme is the same and he is meant to have the same feel as the Gaslight Aquaman figure. The sleek helmet has been replaced with a clunkier dive helmet and breathing apparatus.



Sinestro is similar in look to the Gaslight Green Lantern figure. He has a thinner frame and his color scheme is reminiscent of the Yellow Lantern Corp design.

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Sillof’s Gaslight Legion of Doom

– Recipes
o Bizarro – Red Son Superman
o Captain Cold – Red Son Batman, various fodder and Apoxie sculpt.
o Gorilla Grodd – Justice Gorilla Grodd, various fodder and Apoxie sculpt.
o The Joker – Devil May Cry Marionette, various fodder and Apoxie sculpt.
o Black Manta – Dr. Freeze, various fodder and Apoxie sculpt.
o Sinestro – Ichabod Crane, various fodder and Apoxie sculpt.