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CC24: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! by Fugazi


bald bull1.jpgbald bull2.jpgbald bull3.jpgdon flamenco1.JPGdon flamenco2.jpgglass joe1.jpgglass joe2.jpggreat tiger1.JPGgreat tiger2.JPGking hippo1.jpgking hippo2.jpgking hippo3.jpglittle mac1.JPGlittle mac2.JPGmike tyson1.JPGmike tyson2.jpgmr sandman1.JPGmr sandman2.JPGpiston honda1.JPGpiston honda2.JPGsoda popinski1.jpgsoda popinski2.jpgsuper machoman1.JPGsuper machoman2.JPGvon kaiser1.JPGvon kaiser2.JPG

customizer: Fugazi
email: [email protected]

growing up in the Nintendo generation, one of my most favorite games was Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! I wanted to pay homage to a very fond childhood past-time, so i decided to customize the entire cast of characters. these figures were made up from various WWE and Rocky fodder. a lot of time was spent shaving down the existing hair and resculpting a more fitting do. little mac was made from a black spiderman body, gambit boots, sentry head, and his gloves were kindly provided by a fellow customizer (thanks benty!). all of the shorts were sculpted and some of the figures such as bald bull, sodapop, mr. sandman were bulked up with some apoxie sculpt. both of king hippo’s heads and the alt head for bald bull were resculpted.

11 thoughts on “CC24: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! by Fugazi

  1. I have been SEARCHING for this type of figure for over a year! My 8 yr old son absolutely LOVES Punchout and for Christmas asked for Punchout figures! He does this to me every year! Asks for things that don’t “exists” just makes things up that he’d like to have. “santa” can make anything, right? You can imagine my surprise to find these! But then to find out they aren’t for sale? Totaly crushed!! You have absoluetly captured every detail possible for each character!! I wish so badly these were available to purchase!! I would love to show my son the pictures but then I wouldn’t be able to explain why he didn’t get them! haha..Anyway great job! You should look at marketing these!

  2. i thougt these was real figures i went to ebay looking for them i got happyy they need to add u to the team of toy making

  3. This is some amazing work. It’s a shame Nintendo will never actually make some Punch-Out figures.

  4. Sweet mama these are friggin’ amazing. I’ve noticed that you’ve seem to adapt them towards their NES looks as opposed to their Wii looks.

    I’d kill for Punch-Out figurines like these.

  5. These are awesome!
    You managed to make the characters look human without taking away their charm. Kudos to you my friend.

  6. Dear Lord, if this is on day one, I can’t imagine what else is coming up the rest of the week.


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