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CC24: Iron Fist and the Immortal Weapons by Rust This World


The current Iron Fist, Danny Rand, fights against and along side 6 other warriors to protect both Earth and the 7 Capital Cities of Heaven. They are The Immortal Iron Fist, Fat Cobra, The Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter, The Prince of Orphans, and The Steel Phoenix. Together they are the Immortal Weapons. All are in scale to and compatible with other Marvel Legends Lines.


Iron Fist: Danny Rand holds the current title of Iron Fist, the most recent in a long line of powerful weapons before him.


Fat Cobra: His size and his strength are only outclassed by his speed.


Bride of Nine Spiders: Her heart pumps the coldest blood imaginable…and horrors inconceivable to mortal men.


Dog Brother #1: Hero to all the strays on all the streets of the world, a prankster assassin who rules the under-city.


Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter: Many a man has found his doom at her hand or in her bed.


Prince of Orphans: Mysterious, even to those who cultivate unending mystery. Master of the green mist.


Davos, the Steel Phoenix: Traitor of Khun-Lun and Danny Rand’s arch rival, now working for Crane Mother.


Fwoosh Name: Rust This World
Real Name: Dylan Pommer
Email: [email protected]

Individual Figure Recipes:
Iron Fist: Marvel Legends Iron Fist head legs and fire, TNA Chris Daniels arms, Spiderman Classics Tarantula body and sash.
Fat Cobra: WWE Classic Superstars Yokozuna, fake eyelashes.
Bride of Nine Spiders: Marvel Legends Emma Frost body, Lord of the Rings Arwen dress, Marvel Legends movie Phoenix head, nails, chains, additional sculpting
Dog Brother #1: TNA Senshi head, Marvel Legend Cyclops body, TNA Raven legs, Samurai Spawn armor, Hellboy animated sword, additional sculpting
Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter: SOTA Cammy head, Marvel Legends Elektra body, SOTA Sodom fan, metal rings, rubber bands, additional sculpting
Prince Of Orphans: Marvel Legends Unmasked Capt. America head, SOTA Adon body and feet, Marvel Legends Cyclops lower legs, DCUC Superman’s energy, additonal sculpting
Davos, The Steel Phoenix: Marvel Legends Iron Fist variant head and fire, TNA Senshi body, TNA Jeff Hardy legs, TNA Raven arms.