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Ask Matty – 12/1/9

mattel_logoWe are back with a warm start to a chilly month with the latest round of answers from Toy Guru and Matty. Take it, fellas!

1. It is great to see the Metal Men getting started in DCUC 12 with Iron. Since, hopefully, you plan on adding more of the Metal Men to future line-ups do you plan on using different base bodies for each member? One thing that is very distinct about that team is that Iron, Mercury, Lead and Gold have very different body types.

Yes, our goal is to be as accurate to the look of each Metal Man (or Woman) as possible. They won’t all use the same base buck.

2. You recently posted on your Face Book page that you have gotten early samples in for the MOTUC Mossman figure. While you said the flocking was not quite the right color, what about the application itself? Did the partial flocking work out well so he is still “mossy” but his articulation is not inhibited?

Yes, he still has Moss covering 80-90% of his body. The areas we could not flock include the shoulders, knees and elbow joints.

3. Just as the New Gods seem to be going on break after series 12, there seems to be a surge in online interest for more of these characters. Does Matty have plans to returning to this fantastic corner of the DCU in the near future? There are LOTS of cool characters yet to make into action figures.

Absolutely. We are huge fans of the New Gods (as are the Horsemen) we just want to make sure and cover other characters in the DCU as well before coming back to more New Gods.

4. I think it is safe to say that the reaction to Adora’s skirt/bodysuit piece (the portion below the belt, covering the hips) has been mixed. Many fans feel it is too fat and clunky, as you looking at ways to make it look more streamlined and feminine for future figures like Glimmer?

We went right to the Four Horsemen for this one:

“We will definitely try and push things in that direction. The biggest issue at this point is that if the bodysuit is cut too much higher, the unsightly (yet functional) articulation will show through. When we designed the female base figure we had to make something that would work on as many characters as possible. The design as is may fit some characters a little better than others. In the future if there is room for additional tooling things may change, but until then we will try and address this issue as best we can.”

5. Matty, you have started to make members of the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps, which Lantern Corps would you like to take next – Blue, Orange, Red, Indigo or Star Sapphires?

We want to do all of the Lanterns, including Black. We are forming plans now for how to bring them to the line, possibly as early as Spring 2011.

Thanks, guys!

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