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Ask Hasbro (Marvel) – 10/23/9

The Hasbro Marvel Q&A is back.  Here’s the questions and answers for this round.  Thanks guys!

1. What’s the current stage of development of the current ML 2-packs, and how’s it going? Are you considering 2-packs beyond the three that will include Deadpool, Black Widow, and Valkyrie? What do you think about a Jean Grey / Jubilee 2-pack in the Jim Lee costumes?

Interesting combination. We are always looking to include desired characters throughout our line.

2. The first 2 MU waves of 2010 seem to be lacking villains. What can you say to assure us fans that there will be villains in MU, beside the Secret Wars ones?

Villains are always lurking around the corner… stay tuned.

3. Any special promotional plans for the MU lines? For example, what about a Norman Osborn mail-away similar to the Nick Fury one?

We had a tremendous response to the Nick Fury mail-away and are looking at possibly running other promotional programs in the future.

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