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First Look – DC Universe Classics Series 10 Part 2

mattel_logoDing! Ding! Ding! Round two coming ‘atcha! Yesterday we brought you a First Look at the upcoming DCUC 10 Batman, Joker, Man-Bat and Beast Boy; today we have your sneak peek at the rest of the wave (well most of it anyway) as we now have pictures of Power Girl, Robotman and the Collect and Connect figure, the imposing Imperiex.

So, remember how I gushed about the Joker yesterday? Well, I gotta tell ya, Robotman and PeeGee are just as worthy of the same praise, they are both fantastic figures, but let’s start off with Robotman first.

Robotman. Mothertruckin’ ROBOTMAN! That is what I am talking about! How incredible is it to see old Cliff Steele in the line here at wave ten? I am so excited for this figure and the hopeful harkening of the rest of his Doom Patrol mates. Man, I want to build that classic team. I am getting a little ahead of myself though. Let’s just start with the figure that we have right now.


Robotman, for all of his basic buck reuse is the perfect example of using the parts that are available to you and adding new ones that work. As far as I can tell ( and I can usually spot these things) he is mostly made up of the Black Manta buck with a new chest to add on the shoulder cuffs and voice box (the latter is very nice and extremely detailed for such a small thing). A sharp eye will also catch that he shares hands with DCUC series 4 Cyborg, and appropriate match-up.

Again, his head sculpt is what really shines and the Four Horsemen have been able to give so much personality to his expression that he is almost life like, and that is from a guy that is mostly ceramic and metal! Except for his brain, of course and the designers did not let down there either –  you can remove his skull cap to expose the only remaining part of the original Cliff; a completely skippable but 100% appreciated little nuance. I love his eyes too. They are painted very well in red, but not that evil robot red, a subdued and stoic red. Perfect.


Speaking of paint, his color scheme is so unique he is already standing out on the shelf and his copper coloring really pops –  we don’t have another DCUC figure anywhere near appearance to Robotman. That is what is cool about getting deep into the line by wave 10 –  yes, it is always cool to get your favorite characters, but the overall display also takes on a life of it’s own and adding guys like Robotman only makes it better.

I know that there are other versions of Robotman that Mattel could pursue making in the future, but if they didn’t I would not feel as though I will ever need another Robotman figure again, he really is great. Also, he is not alone! Beast Boy can stand right next to him to start off your Doom Patrol display. Don’t mistake me though, Mattel, this is not an out for you – we need Negative Man, Mento, Elasti-Girl  and The Chief PRONTO!

Pretty cool Robotman, eh? Guess what? Power Girl is here to keep the pace. Karen here has always been one of my favorite DC females so when I learned that she was going to be coming out in DCUC, I was understandably excited. I remember back when people were speculating about how (or even if) Mattel would execute her figure may thought that they might stray away from the accurate design in order to make her more kid-friendly. I am happy to say that the have followed her modern design to a tee.


From head to toe, PeeGee is probably the best female DC figure Mattel has done so far. That is good because they had a lot to live up to since we already had the excellent DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl. Her face is very pretty and there is a ton of subtle airbrushing to bring out all of the little details therein. I know the early packaged picture figure had less than perfectly painted eyes but I am glad to say that is not a prevailing issue.

For her body, she seems to share some parts with Black Canary and perhaps Wonder Woman, her chest is, of course, all new. I have a feeling that will most likely be a one-off mold use. Since she does share some parts she might be a little on the skinny side depending on your vision of her. I will let the pictures do the talking there though.


Overall, I am very pleased with this Power Girl figure. I really thought that nothing would be able to de-throne the DC Direct IC Power Girl, but the Four Horsemen have done it again.

Well, we finally come to it – the last figure in the Wal-Mart wave that we will be looking at: the impressive Collect and Connect Imperiex figure.

Chalk this one up to him not being on my radar (or admittedly not being all that well known to me) but Imperiex kind of came out of left field for me. Despite my real lack of knowledge of the character (I know he started off as a Superman bad guy and has had dealings with the Legion as well), I love it when a figure is so good that you can dig it without having the attachment to the character. That is pretty much how I am taken by Imperiex.


Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a great choice for a C&C figure and he will diversify the display, but all of the sculpt and paint detail put into him really does make him one of the most well done C&Cs to date from a technical standpoint. I don’t think he will enjoy the pomp and circumstance that a figure like Giganta would get, but I think this figure will continue to gain more and more fans as people start assembling him.

He has a very detailed costume and I like the combination of red, black and gold. All of the colors are painted very cleanly and the contrast makes him pop. His head is really cool too. His face almost looks zombie-esque and there is quite a lot of red wash in there to bring out the details. He has the standard DCUC articulation and the overlaid pieces are nice and flexible so his movement is not inhibited. Again, this shows that a lot of the design and engineering with this line as come a long way and it is probably not an accident that this move has been requested by the fan community for awhile now.

It is not often that I get a figure of a character that I need to do a lot of research on, but I love it when I get one of those great ones that make me want to find out more about the source.  Mattel and the Horsemen have done that with Imperiex so I need to go back and pick up some Superman comics. Yay, back issues!


And with that, we will wrap up our look at DCUC series 10. Thanks for – wait, what? There is another figure in this series you say? We are missing one for review? Ah, indeed, there is a certain New God that is included in this series isn’t there? Hmm… I guess you might just have to stay tuned and, ahem, forage through our sister site Action Figure Pictures in the coming days. I heard someone is a big Cosmic Odyssey fan over there and that the missing character plays some kind of role in that story line… Hmm… the suspense! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Also – I just found this: Toy Otter over at Action Figure Insider has update his Super Powers list with the newest figures. These updates are awesome, go check it out here!

*Again, thanks for reading, we always have fun brining you these First Looks. Also, thanks again to Matty and Toy Guru for making it possible. We will have more DC stuff on display later this week and look for a massive group review of DCUC series 9 coming soon!

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