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First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Tri-Klops

motu-classicsQuestion: Who is Evil and Sees Everything? Why, it is Tri-Klops of course! The hits keep rolling with our Mattel offerings as we give you a first look at the highly anticipated Matty Collect Masters of the Universe Classics August figure, Trydor Scope… better known as Tri-Klops!

Well, all accounted for we have reached the 12th(!) MOTUC figure and Mattel and the Four Horsemen have certainly hit their stride. It has been a busy Summer with hits like Hordak, Man-At-Arms and He-Ro; now Skeletor’s A-number-One spy with three robotic eyes is up next in the queue and let me tell you this: he keeps the pace. This really is a great example of how this line not only updates the cool aspects of previous incarnations, but goes above and beyond to make something entirely unique.


I have to admit, in the ranks of guys like Mer-Man, Webstor, Trap-Jaw, Whiplash and Spikor, Tri-Klops was never one of my favorite baddies in the MOTU lore as I was growing up. He had three giant eyes, yes, but he never got quite as much play as the others, even though I recognized him as one of old Bonehead’s top brass. So, when I first saw this figure in person at New York Comic Con, I liked him, and I was impressed with the detail, but as time went on he still seemed like the guy between Duncan and Webstor. Well, much like Zodac, Trydor here is a very impressive figure once you have him in hand.


If you have been paying attention at all these past six or seven years, you know the Four Horsemen are as good as it gets in an action figure design house, and Tri-Klops shows off their acute attention to detail and skill of sculpt. They have taken one of the non-monster bad guys and have made him very impressive. The sculpt on the armor calls back to the old card art and the Doomseeker is a great carry over from the 200x line.



Where Trike really wins though is, understandably, in his big eye rig. I was one who thought the dial-an-eye thingee was too big when I first saw him, and while I still think that to some degree, the work put into it makes the slight oversize an after thought. Each eye is highly detailed in both sculpt and paint with minute details highlighted with silver rivets telescopic effects. One of the coolest (and possibly most insane) detail bits comes UNDER the visor (seen below) with his eye sockets covered by techno-blinders that appear to be hooked right up to the eyes. GREAT touch.



I guess I *kinda* wish the daggers on his back were removable, but no biggie. Oh- and his furry shorts are nice and flexible once again, good to see the manufacturing keeping up with that.


I think we are going to see some new MOTUC figures at SDCC that will blow more than a few minds. In the meantime though, know that Tri-Klops makes for wonderful and essential addition to your collection.


Oh yeah, he previously revealed secret Ring of Grayskull accessory does, in fact, glow in the dark!


*Thanks for reading and as always, thanks to Matty and Toy Guru for making this possible. We have more to come!

tricandcyc“I am going to refrain from making the old “One Eye” joke.”

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