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First Look – DCUC Fists of Clay and Giants of Justice Flash

First Look at Fists of Clay and Giants of Justice Flash

mattel_logo2We have come to our final day of Mattel First Looks and we thought we would end with a daily double – we have pictures of the upcoming DCUC two-pack Fists of Clay as well as the Toys R Us exclusive Giants of Justice Flash figure. Read on to get the scoop on these two highly anticipated releases.

DCUC Fists of Clay Two-Pack

The fist of two confirmed double packs coming from Mattel this Summer, Fists of Clay gives the DCUC fans something that many missed- a shot at owning the excellent [originally] DC Superheroes Clayface figure. For the record, Clay Face is a straight up rerelease of the original, right down to the bendy arms. He might have a slightly darker paint deco than the original figure, but for all intents and purposes, he is the same.

The Batman figure included here is a straight up repaint of the original DCUC series one Classic Detective Batman figure. He does have the black and gray scheme of the popular modern costume, but keeps the classic yellow oval. Poor Bruce here also shows signs of a down and dirty fight with the resident Clayface, he is covered in poo- er mud (which is painted).

This set is a great opportunity for the late adopters to the line to pick up Clayface, and Batman was an obvious choice to pair him with. I do wish the latter was sans mud, that original DCUC Batman figure looks great in black and gray, a version I hope we see sooner or later in the line (with the proper Bat-symbol in the chest, of course).

Look for this set to hit e-tailers and Toys R Us very soon.

Giants of Justice Flash

Wow! This is a very large, and very solid figure. The Giants of Justice line has been hit and miss in terms of release, we were seeing several releases there for awhile and then nothing. Then we saw a GoJ Green Lantern figure at SDCC last year, and then prototypes of Aquaman showed up on eBay, but we still have not seen formal releases of either of these figures. Well, I am telling you that Flash is coming out for sure- he will be available at the Toys R Us booth in July at Comic Con.

I have to say, I like this figure for what it is. He is a scaled up version of the Four Horsemen’s DCUC sculpt (so it is kinda like getting one of their amazing prototypes) with some of the articulation of his smaller counterpart cut out. His points are as followed- ball head, partial ball shoulders, hinge elbows, waist swivel, cut t-hips and knee hinges. So, not as much articulation as we get in DCUC, but still quite a few point. He is, like the Giants figures before him, a hollow figure with fantastic paint applications, I cannot find one bit of bleed or slop.

One of the best parts of this release (in my opinion) is the included base- it is really nice. There is not a lot to it, but the Flash symbol looks great and it is big. I think I might hang it on the wall or something.

If you are headed to SDCC, I suggest you pick this up. I am not sure if he will also get a release in the actual Toys R Us stores, but I hope he does, I would love to see GL and Aquaman get a release and there are a lot of DCUC figures that would be really neat at this scale *ahem* *Blue Beetle* *cough* Hawkman*.

Well, thanks for joining us for this week of Mattel First Looks, we enjoyed sharing the pictures with you. Also, a huge thanks to Toy Guru and Matty for their generosity in helping to spread the word or MOTUC and DCUC.

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7 thoughts on “First Look – DCUC Fists of Clay and Giants of Justice Flash

  1. None of these are that good, the Batman set would be worth its weight without the mud splattering but I think that is Mattel’s strategy, get the most out of a line, just like with the Superman/Brainiac 2 pack, people want standard figs the most and they know they can release the same Batman without the mud and Superman without the laser eyes and they will sell tons of them. Instead of the giants of justice they need to release standard large figs in that format..*cough Anti-monitor cough*

  2. I had heard he was coming but only as a SDCC exclusive. So this is good news for people who are interested.

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